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August 1, 2013

New month, new things to look forward to

Happy August, my friends! This month I'm looking forward to quite a few things, and I'm not-so-secretly loving that the weather we're having this summer in the south -- it has been breezy and cool. I could get used to this. Most summers in the south are unbearable -- walking to the mailbox is enough to leave you drenched in sweat. So, the mild weather has been a pleasant and welcome surprise. Mother Nature is alright with me lately. 

Besides crossing my fingers that this awesome weather's what else I'm looking forward to this month:

1. Biplane ride over Atlanta -- James bought us tickets for our anniversary in May, and we still haven't set a date to risk imminent death fly. I am one part excited and two parts nervous. Maybe it's because of all the crashes that have been in the news lately, but the idea of riding open-air in a tiny plane makes me anxious. I think we are going to go one Friday night this month, then meet our friends afterwards at a nearby tavern to celebrate our survival have a few beers and boogie the night away with the resident DJ. Have any of your daredevils ridden in a biplane? Or a small plane? Did you live to tell the tale? Please share. 

2. Wine spritzers -- Yep, it's the best summertime drink around. Half white wine, half diet tonic water with a splash of lime. I plan on enjoying these at the beach in a couple of weeks.

3. One last hurrah at the beach -- My parents are going to Destin next week, so we're going to crash with them for the weekend and pray for sunshine during our short stay. And later this month we're going on a last minute trip to Isle of Palms -- with James's Vegas winnings! Go, husband, go. Black Jack for the win.

4. School girl fashion -- Because I live near a college campus, and sometimes I feel all nostalgic and want to dress like a 1960s co-ed. Also? It sure is interesting to see what the kids are wearing these days. Last year it was mom-jean shorts and cowboy boots (no one said trends were cute.) I'm curious to see what the major "trend" is this fall...

5. College football -- Oh yeah! Football season's right around the corner. One of my favorite things about living in Athens again are Saturdays in the fall. The town is alive with big crowds, parties and football cheers. And we always have a house full of my favorite people every weekend, which makes me so happy. August 31 can't get here fast enough!

Cheers to a new month, and have a great first day of August! xo

Image credits: 
Biplane // Wine spritzers by Serious Eats // Model via Sessun // IOP photo by me // 
Bedford gingham red by Calico // Vintage football via Kaufman Mercantile

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