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August 19, 2013

Gone fishin'

Hello from Isle of Palms, South Carolina! We are enjoying a little getaway together -- just the Mr. and me. As you can see, our first day was a beautiful one. It has been so rainy at home all week, so we were thrilled to be on the beach on such a pretty day with full sun. I love Isle of Palms and everything about it. I love the little, cozy Sea Cabins where we stay, the pier in the water and all the quaint little shops and homes that dot the island from end to end. Something about this place resets something deep inside me. While I'm here I feel relaxed and calm and so happy, and by the end of the week I feel like a new woman. We've been vacationing at Isle of Palms for several years together now, and we share so many fond memories here -- and hopefully have many more to come. It's a special place to both of us.

This week James and I plan on relaxing a little bit, soaking up the last bit of the summer sun and hunting for a treasure or two around town at Charleston's many antique shops. I just dived into this book today, and I'm hooked. Also, we've already filled our bellies with shrimp from Sullivan's, our traditional first night beach date place. I admit, I have a problem when it comes to shrimp -- baked, broiled, fried, whatever. As I'm writing this, I'm still so stuffed I can barely move. Oof.

I'll hopefully be checking in with a few photos later this week...of course, I'll be tuned in to Twitter and Instagram like always until then. Feeling warm and cozy and thankful tonight...

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