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July 4, 2013

Have a happy 4th!

Happy 4th, friends! It is raining cats and dogs in Georgia, so our fireworks and parades have been cancelled this year (sad!) I guess I won't be crossing fireworks off my summer bucket list this least not yet. James is working, but I think I'm going to drive to one of my favorite antique spots today -- Monroe -- and see what I can get into for a few hours. And tonight I'm meeting a friend for drinks, so the day is still going to be a great one, rain or shine -- I can feel it! 

I hope wherever you are, you're going to spend the day watching a parade, waving American flags and sparklers, and ending the night with a grand fireworks display. I love this country, and I'm so grateful to live in a place where I am free. It's something I took for grated as a kid, and the older I get, the more I understand how lucky I am to have been born an American.

Have a fun + safe 4th! 

Photo by Anne via Pinterest

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