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July 23, 2013

Four Rooms // 08

Lately I've had an itch to redecorate. My guest bath mini-makeover happened last week, due to a few things that caught my eye on this bathroom via The Lettered Cottage, below. Oh, how I wish wallpaper was in our budget! Those birds are so pretty...

Here are four rooms that are inspiring me lately:

I am always looking for certain things when I'm thrifting/antiquing/picking, and an iron bed and a brass pharmacy lamp are two of them. I love the layered rugs in this picture and the patterned quilt on the bed. Also, plum and turquoise are besties. Who knew?

I love the polka dot art over the bed -- wouldn't that make an easy DIY project? Also -- little sunburst mirrors. I am still all over this trend, even though I have a sneaky suspicion it won't be cool for too much longer...

This is a perfect example of how rustic and modern pieces can play nice in the same space...and sometimes, even complement each other. The walls are a great color, too -- but I am not sold on the rug. Also? I think the light fixture is an atomic sunburst piece of some kind -- what a great idea to pierce all of the spikes with notes! I love it.

Oh, this is the half bath makeover of my dreams! (see here). What a transformation! Drab to fab for sure. The wallpaper is one of my fave patterns out there right now, and it works in this space perfectly, covering about a third of the height of the room. Also, who knew paneling could be so cute? I think the right color paint has the potential to make any dated trend look new again. 

So, what about you guys? Do you love these rooms as much as I do?

Image credits: 
Bedroom by Jen Bishop // Bedroom via Lonny // Dining room by Nancy Riesco // 

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  1. These rooms are all so gorgeous! Great inspiration. I think I need to get a bold rug now after seeing #3.... I love it!


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