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July 17, 2013

10 to Watch // No. 2

Happy Hump Day, friends! How is your week going? I've been a little all over the place -- on Monday, for example, I decided to repaint our guest bathroom on a whim. The pink just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I'll be sure to blog the new pics, but for now, if you want a peek, I added this photo to Instagram yesterday. Super light grey = my serenity! 

In other news, I've been working to put together a new list "to watch" for y'all, and here's what I've come up with:

1. *Bernie --  Our friends recommended this dark comedy to us back when we took our February trip to Isle of Palms -- a week when we needed a good laugh -- and "Bernie" definitely delivered. Maybe it's because the mortuary business runs in my Dad's family (my grandfather was a funeral director and embalmer), but I truly loved this movie and thought it was so funny -- minus the murder part. Jack Black gives an award winning performance as real-life Bernie Tiede, and knocks it out of the park. I highly recommend this one.

2. Ruby Sparks -- This romantic-comedy-drama, written by Zoe Kazan (who also plays "Ruby Sparks" in the movie), stars Paul Dano, a struggling novelist who wants to find his soulmate. Inspired by a dream, he begins writing a book about "Ruby Sparks," the perfect girl, and is startled to realize the next day that she's come to life. 

3. *Portlandia -- I've been watching this show as I work lately, and I regularly laugh out loud. This is one of my favorite skits, but I most relate to this one...because this was definitely me last holiday break when I binged-watched "Homeland" (in an embarrassingly short amount of time). 

4. *Freaks and Geeks -- Another awesome tv show. Please tell me why it only lasted one season?! It is so good. You'll spot lots of modern-day stars who were widely unknown back in the day, too, which is always fun.

5. *Religulous -- If you're sensitive about your Christian beliefs, skip over this one. I knew what to expect, because Bill Mahr is both an atheist and...offensive sarcastic brash. I am always fascinated by religion and how people define their faith, though, so for me, it was interesting to see everything from an atheist's point of view. Keep an open mind with this one if you can, folks...

6. *Manhattan -- Classic Woody Allen. Diane Keaton, Woody and a Manhattan backdrop -- what's not to love?

7. *Newlyweds -- I recently went on an all-things Edward Burns kick, and this was one of my faves. It actually reminded me a lot of a Woody Allen movie -- lots of twisted, tangled and dysfunctional relationships involved, but not without a dash of humor and a little light heartedness. Plus, you get to look at Edward Burns for over an hour, and in my book, that is always a good thing.  

8. *The Giant Mechanical Man -- Full of heart. You find yourself really rooting for the couple in this one. Sidenote: I've found myself loving Chis Messina lately. He's treading on movie star crush territory for me. Anyone else?

9. *Bag of Hammers -- Quirky, a little sad, and sweet -- all at once. Plus, I really, really dig the diner waitresses' outfits. Where can I get a waffle beret of my own?

10. *Katy Perry: Part of Me -- I like Katy Perry enough, but after watching this documentary of her world tour, I have a ton of respect for her work ethic. She's clearly where she is today because of her talent, but maybe more because of how hard she's worked to get there. (Random, but now I want to go to a cat cafe in Tokyo, too, thanks to this doc. I mean, cats + tea?! Genius!)

*These movies are available to watch instantly on Netflix at this time!

So I'd love to know...have any of you seen any of these movies, and do you like them as much as I do? can also find me over at my friend Lindsay's blog today, Pen & Paint. You may know her or recognize her artwork -- I'd be willing to bet some of you have her art hanging in your homes! She is super talented, and I'm honored to be featured as an artist in her "I Heart Art" series. Thanks for having me Lindsay! I'm so glad to call you my friend. 

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