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June 7, 2013

Odds & Ends 6/7/13

Happy Friday! This week has flown by -- I've added a couple of new items to the shop, like these colorful fans, and these featuring lily of the valley. I'm hoping to add new invitations with blue hydrangeas in the next few days, and I also made a map of Greenville, South Carolina! I shamelessly made it just so I could include it in my application to be in the Indie Craft Parade (suck up) -- fingers and toes crossed that I make the cut in July. 

Also, it was a huge thrill for me to walk into the antique mall yesterday and see a ton of stuff missing from my booth -- sold! Seriously, it made my day. Now I just have to keep up with it and make sure it's stocked with new goodies every week (nothing makes my heart happier!) I guess I'll ask the Mister if he wants to go thrifting with me this weekend...

Speaking of the weekend, I'm ready for it. Our privacy fence is practically finished, but it's been too rainy this week to take photos to share with you guys. It's really tall (8 feet!), and I've been thinking of ways to make it pretty. Since it was a major labor of love, James isn't sold on the idea of drilling holes in it for marbles -- but that's ok, because it's so huge that I would need a million marbles to make a dent in it (and that many marbles would quite possibly break the bank!) I've seen a few ideas I like on Pinterest -- here and here -- but nothing that seems feasible on such a large scale. I think some greenery may be the answer -- a little bit of ivy or some flowers that will climb up a trellis. Any suggestions?!

In the meantime, here are a few things that caught my little eye this week:

1. I love this abstract piece, "Scattered," by Ashley Goldberg 

2. A sweet printable from Lindsay Letters

3. Pretty glittery washi tape packaging via Papermash

4. This Strawberry-Pretzel Icebook Pie is going on my summer to-bake list immediately

5. Nail art inspired by Rifle Paper Co. (!) via The Beauty Department

6. Digging this Paperless Post invitation by Jonathan Adler

And a few other things worth sharing:

I watched this doc on Bill Cunningham (the original Sartorialist), and I loved it so much

Just started reading this book, and I'm totally hooked

"You go, hot Betty! Work that epic bitchface, girl!" -- I love Tom & Lorenzo

Got my Lena fix and finally watched "Tiny Furniture" the other night. So smart, that girl.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends 


  1. i, too, love tom & lorenzo.

    and they're right - january jones looks epic in those photos.

    1. Love T&L. With a name like January you better know how to work an "epic bitchface," right?

  2. I would put up some green shrubs that would minimize the height of the fence. If your yard is small you could add a giant mirror (makes it look bigger). Or you can add something along these lines adds some interest too. A built in bench, "pleached" trees are fun. Have a great weekend

    1. Heather, I LOVE these ideas! A mirror -- I never would've thought of that. And I love the Pinterest photo you suggested, too. I am thinking about building a shelf that comes out that's a little taller than countertop height as a place for guests to rest cups, plates, etc. for future shindigs. Thanks again for the great suggestions!


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