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May 13, 2013


This weekend I went to Shari's bridal shower at The Cherokee Club downtown. It was so fancy! The hosts decorated the long table with pink roses, the food was so yummy and a big crystal chandelier sparkled over us while we ate and talked. The bride cleaned up pretty nice, too. I can't believe her wedding is only a month away! I have lots of NMP paper products to make for her before the big day arrives -- fans, programs, menus, placecards -- I guess I better get to work!

Before I go, a few other things...

The farmer's market show was a big success -- it was fun to see some of you guys there. Thanks to those of you who came out to say hello!

James and I have some big plans for our backyard and back porch after being inspired by this house a short time ago. We put the first part of our plan into action yesterday, involving lots and lots of bags of pebbles. The Mini was low ridin' for sure. Photos to come!

Finally, thanks to those of you who reached out to me about Clomid re: my Friday post. My blog has turned out to be a blessing in so many ways over the years, but nothing compares to the uplifting, strong community of women I've "met" through my blog who are also dealing with infertility. Since I first shared our story earlier this year, I've been in touch with several women who have made me feel so comforted and less alone, and this weekend was no different. Y'all are seriously the best. I have one pill down, four more to go, and a sonogram later this month. Cross your fingers and toes for us. And thank you again for being so supportive and positive when I don't always feel that way myself.

I hope you all had a great weekend and Mother's Day! James and I had a great time celebrating our mamas. (I posted some photos on Instagram, including a great throwback picture here, if you want to see!) 

Have a great start to your week!


  1. Thanks for helping me celebrate Natty! and thanks for taking so many beautiful pictures! Love You!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    I have been wondering how things were going and praying for you guys. I took Clomid for 6 months when we first started our journey to become parents. Praying your body responds well and you'll be seeing a positive sign on that test very soon!!

  3. Thanks so much, Jill! Your prayers and kind thoughts are so appreciated :) Hope you are well! xo


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