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May 1, 2013

Tiny House Mood Board

Hey, remember that time I said I was going to build a sweet miniature house to fulfill one of my New Year's resolutions? If it's a fuzzy memory, I don't blame any of you. It's been a little while. As I suspected, work has become a little crazy in the midst of wedding season, and I've had to put the dollhouse on the back burner. But! That doesn't mean I've stopped daydreaming about how I'm going to decorate it one day soon...and I haven't stopped thrifting for the perfect miniatures to fill it up with, either. 

Here is my dollhouse mood board. I'm thinking pretty pops of color, quirky wallpaper and painted furniture -- risks that will be fun to take on at this scale, since I'm not brave enough to take them on in my actual house. A gold claw foot tub, a teal armoire, a bookshelf with brightly colored shelves -- why not? And I am totally painting the ceiling of the kitchen that beautiful cerulean blue (that was always my favorite color Crayola crayon when I was a kid.)

So far it has been a lot of fun to plan and hunt for the perfect pieces, and I'm looking forward to tying everything together. Until then, you are welcome to follow along here, where I've been pinning photos of inspiration. Even though the wooden pieces of my little house are giving me heart palpations like something from Ikea would, I'm going to dive in and start putting this sucker together soon.

From clockwise: 
Pink and Green Spring Paper via World Market // Gold Tub via The Brick House // Benjamin Moore Owl Grey // Mint Bathroom Cabinet via Southern Living Mag // Pink Shelves via Marcus Design // Blue Armoire via Little Green Notebook // Vanuatu Twilight Wallpaper by Anthropologie // Staircase Shelving via Design*Sponge // New Antiquitarian Wallpaper by Anthropologie // Blue Ceiling via Veranda Mag

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