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May 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Lately my Pinterest and Instagram feeds have been all about "summer bucket lists." The last time I made a bucket list was when the Mister and I were packing up our apartment in Atlanta and leaving town -- we had a lot of fun exploring our city before we moved. 

But back to summer bucket lists. I was first inspired by my friend Angie, who make a huge list on her chalkboard for her family to work on over the next few months. And yesterday my friend Lindsay over at Pen & Paint made a super cute summer bucket list printable, plus a black and white version for kids to color and make their own. 

This got me thinkin'. Sure -- summer buckets lists are especially great for kids, since most of them are out of school and have lots of free time on their hands. But why can't adults have their own bucket lists, full of trips, nighttime outings and cocktails?

So I got to work making a list of my own, and I had a lot of fun doing it:

Summer 2013

1. Build a fence! (Optional: add marbles) check!  photos coming -- stay tuned!
2. Do plenty of porch sittin' -- preferably with a good book and a beer in hand
3. Go to VEGAS -- see my recap post [here]
4. Fly over Atlanta in a biplane -- James just bought us tickets for our anniversary! (Eek!)
5. Visit Six Flags during the week -- hoping to go in October for "Fright Fest" since we couldn't make it this summer...
6. Buy a pass to Legion Pool  check!
7. Try to go to the pool on your lunch break as much as possible  (wasn't able to do this as much as I would've liked!)
8. Eat dinner outside more 
9. Watch fireworks on the 4th -- cancelled due to rain (boo!)
10. Read 6 new books (in progress) "Where we Belong" // "Joyland" // "Beautiful Ruins" //
11. Go to the beach  here 
12. Try three new summer cocktails -- this one is on my list 
13. Host a backyard cookout for our families  check!
14. Go tubing when the temp is over 90 degrees 
15. Create new prints of fave quotes in calligraphy
16. Tour the Terrapin Brewery 
17. Get friends together for karaoke night downtown
18. Take a letterpress class -- with Smokey Road Press! Happening September 6th!
19. Host a game night with friends
20. Walk through the Botanical Garden of Georgia  check!

I'm really looking forward to crossing each one of these off the list this summer! What's on your summer bucket list?


  1. You've got me so inspired! I might have to steal some of your ideas.

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