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May 17, 2013

Odds and Ends 5/17/13

The weeks are flying by this year. It's getting hot outside in Georgia, which means summer is almost here. Two things I'm looking forward to this summer: buying a pass to Legion Pool and entertaining in our backyard. James has been busy going back and forth to home improvement stores this week, buying wood and cement and nails and such for our new fence (!) My parents are going to come up on Sunday, and my Dad is going to teach us a few things about how to build a fence. We are so excited for the final result!

In other news, my new mini vintage + paperie booth is open for business at Junk in the Trunk in Athens, so locals, please check it out! I thought I had way more "junk" to throw in that booth, but turns out I don't really want to sell everything I've been collecting over the past several years. Hmm. That just means I'll be thrifting with a new purpose from now on, I guess! Do any of you have vintage booths at antique malls? I'm interested to see what sells and what doesn't. From my experience on Etsy, vintage toys, children's books and clothes sell super well. Clothes and bags, not so much. We'll see how it goes!

To cap off the week...a few things that caught my eye:

1.  Elsie and Emma do it again! I love their new "A Beautiful Mess" app, and everyone else does, too!

2.  Inspired by the colors in this painting, "Piroonicolor Band," $3,735 via HD Buttercup

3. Wishlisting this horse scarf, $49, by Bonbi Forest

4. Old mugshots as living room art? Yep. Photo by Oh So Lovely Erin of Oh So Lovely Vintage

5. Must-have this vintage Little People Holiday Inn (!) Photo via PM Vintage

6. Digging this photo backdrop by Blue Eyed Yonder with flowers by Amy Osaba

Have a wonderful weekend!

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