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May 2, 2013

Leaving for a long weekend...

This morning my girlfriends and I are trekking down to the gulf coast for a long weekend of trouble beach goodness. The trip is in honor one of my closest gal pal's nuptials -- a.k.a. this is her bachelorette weekend. A big bunch of us are sharing a condo right on the beach, and some of my college girlfriends who live all over the U.S. are flying in for the celebration, which makes my heart so happy. We plan on doing nothing but soaking up the sun, listening to great music, sipping cocktails and doing lots of laughing. Oh, and possibly getting into  a little bit of mischief with this guy I purchased especially for the occasion. (We had a bit of fun with him at my bachelorette party a few years ago!) ...until the bar tender popped him when he got tired of all the crowd surfing he was doing around the bar. Sniffle.

Keep up with me if you wish here + here. See you next week! 

Photo by Deb Schwedheim

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