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May 22, 2013

Instagram + Camp Wandawega

Instagram is one of my favorite social media tools -- it's a great way to keep up with my close friends, but I love to use the photo app as my daily source of inspiration, too, by following lots of artists, designers and photographers. Some I know in real life, and others I don't. Every now and then I'll check out what the people I follow are "liking," and I'll stumble across someone fantastic. Through IG, I've found so many new creatives who are out there, doing rad things. 

Speaking of rad, Paul Octavious is one of my favorite people I follow on IG -- his posts blow my mind. Recently he stayed at Camp Wandawega, and because of his pictures, I've become completely enamored with the area! (Take the tour on their website and see the charm for yourself!) I think my fascination with going away to camp can be traced back to my love for "The Parent Trap" (with Hayley Mills) -- the idea always seemed so exciting and adventurous to me. Making new friends, canoeing in a lake, reading in a tent. What's not to love? (...Then I watched "Friday the 13th" as a teenager. Let's just say it kind of killed the romanticism of camps for me for awhile. Eek!)

Wandawega has stolen my heart, and I haven't even seen it in person yet. I've written it down as a possible getaway for James and me in the future. I mean, what could be better than spending the night in a vintage boy scout tent?! It has me feeling all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic inside -- the absolute best.

Instagram photos by Paul Octavious (follow him on IG here!)

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