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May 28, 2013

Drawing at the Botanical Garden of Georgia

Last Saturday a few friends and I drove over to the nearby Botanical Garden to sketch the flowers and the trees. (It's the first thing I can cross off my list!) When I'm inside the gardens, I feel a little like I'm in a different world. The trees that grow are beautiful but aren't familiar, and they tower over you, making you feel small. It's quiet and peaceful, and it's a great place to visit when you just need to think. Or draw. I'm hoping to paint a few of my sketches into new items for the shop this week. There were so many new flowers that we discovered -- like those tall, green bulbs I snapped a picture of. Aren't those fun? 

The weather was perfect -- warm with a cool breeze -- and it felt good to walk around and feel the sun on my shoulders. I think summer is officially here to stay, and I like it.

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  1. Love the photos! And that sounds like a perfect day.


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