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May 6, 2013

Beach Weekend

My long beach weekend and Shari's bachelorette were a ton of fun. We had one beach day that was absolutely beautiful, so we considered the weekend a success as far as the weather went. Although, the house we rented wasn't a bad place to be stuck inside as far as the rain was concerned. Most of the beach trips we've taken over the years requires at least one unlucky guest to sleep on the couch, so I was pleasantly surprised that we all had a bed to sleep in and a few showers to choose from...and several mirrors and power outlets to share with 9 other girls before we went out at night. The Maid of Honor truly outdid herself! It was a beautiful house. If you follow me on Instagram, one of the first photos I took was of the upstairs shower -- here -- (but of course, we graciously gave the master suite and the rockstar shower to the bride!) We played board games, drank lots of wine, ate plenty of seafood, and frequented fun places like The Red Bar at night. And, my tummy hurts from laughing so much. I love these girls. We had such a great time!

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