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May 14, 2013

Backyard/patio inspiration + progress!

I mentioned yesterday that James and I have big plans for our back patio and backyard. I've been busy pinning images for inspiration over the last couple of months, and these are a few of my favorites. Our goal is to create something that's cozy, welcoming and seemingly private (even though our neighbors are just a stones throw away.) 

This past weekend we filled our retaining wall area with pebbles. The retaining wall is something our  contractor built because the ground in the backyard wasn't quite level with the ground in our front yard. We originally wanted to create a back patio space with pavers inside of it, but leveling that area on our own would have ended up being a nightmare since neither one of us knows what we're doing (and to be honest, neither one of us wanted to take on that kind of project. Natural-born landscapers we are not!) 

The pebbles were inspired by this local beauty + the owners' backyard oasis. We are really loving the way they look -- I never thought I would like pebbles so much! All we need now is a nice little rectangle-shaped iron table and chairs -- maybe spray painted this color -- and the space will be rockin'!

Our next order of business is to build a privacy fence around part of our backyard. My dad is planning on coming over this weekend to help us set the posts, and then come back to help us build the fence. I think I'll eventually drill some holes in the planks so that it's super pretty and looks like this when the sun is shining. I just love that idea!

We're looking forward to hosting a couple of summertime soirees for family and friends soon, so the fence will be amazing for keeping the noise complaints away privacy. I'll keep y'all posted on our progress...

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