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April 22, 2013


How was your weekend? Saturday I met my parents in Monroe, and we did what we love most -- poked around for treasures. I scored a couple of great finds at Ian Henderson's Antique Mall, including a retro Pandora yearbook for #12 and a vintage Fitz and Floyd bulldog bookend for $15. I've been trying to think hard before buying and bringing new stuff into our house -- I have a tendency to impulse buy, especially when things are so cheap at thrift stores. James and I are on the waiting list at Junk in the Trunk, a local Athens antique mall, where we hope to have a booth space someday soon. I love the idea of having a place where I can sell the finds I no longer want or need anymore. The wait is about a year long -- yikes! -- so it will be a while before we'll be able to set up shop...but I'm already daydreaming about how to set up my booth and eyeing things around my house that would make good sales in the future...

My parents and their pup, Mollie, spent the night with me Saturday and we ate a scrumptious brunch at Mama's Boy before heading back home. They brainstormed with me while they were here about how to grow my business and how to build my craft show booth at future shows -- they are my idea people! My dad is going to build me new card racks and print displays, and I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with. I am applying to be in the Indie Craft Parade in June, and I will be so psyched if I get in. I also found out last week that I have been selected as one of three stationery vendors at Athens's first Not Wedding event this September! I am beyond thrilled, and to say I'm excited about being involved is an understatement. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with other creatives in the area, too.

We stopped at two open houses in the historic district of town before my parents left yesterday, and we stumbled across this kitchen that literally took my breath away. I found the real estate listing online with tons of photos, and I plan to share them with you guys tomorrow -- it is the most beautiful house I've ever seen, and for me, that's saying something! Especially since one of my favorite things to do is sit and look at pretty houses on Pinterest, in magazines, via blogs, etc. -- I could do that all day long. Anyway, prepare to be inspired.

Also, James came home from his casino trip last night...and he came home with three crisp Benjamins! Woo hoo! It was a winner of a weekend in more ways than one.

I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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