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April 1, 2013


I hope you guys had a lovely weekend! Ours was packed full, so it went by in a flash. These pretty, farm fresh eggs from our friends' chicken coop were turned into deviled eggs for yesterday's Easter lunch at my cousin's house. I just hated to crack that speckled shell. I used this recipe to make truffled deviled eggs, (a little like JCT Kitchen's deviled eggs -- has anyone had those?) -- and they were de-lic-ious

The race on Saturday was a great time, and it was a beautiful afternoon to run outside at the park! Dare I say spring is finally here? I ran the 5K right at 32 minutes, and this was the first time I've actually run side-by-side with a friend for an entire race, which really helps you stay motivated...and keeps you running when you really, really just want to walk the hills. (Side note: a bug flew into my mouth and stung me! Stung me! in the back of the throat during the race. So you know what, I'm going to shave a few seconds off my time to account for me, on the side of the road, gagging and spitting up a nasty bug while other racers sped past me. It was kind of embarrassing. But I was determined not to swallow that gross bug. And I didn't. Ew.)

And, you guys -- the Mister won 2nd place in his age group! He ran the race in just over 25 minutes. I am so proud! This red ribbon is hanging on our fridge now:
Saturday night we met up with family at watched my pretty nieces dance the night away during their "Perfectly Polished" cotillion recital. My mom signed me up for cotillion when I was their age, but unlike my nieces, I only obliged for one semester of etiquette classes. Let's just say that it was not the cool thing to do when I was coming along. But the kids around here love it, so, go figure! Unlike the class I took as a pre-teen, the ballroom dancing isn't stuffy and boring, and they dance to to pop songs instead of classical music. They also line dance and do fun dances, like the Cupid Shuffle. The girls dress up in formal dresses -- the high school girls dress in white -- and the guys wear tuxes. Alana and Ashley, my nieces, have grown so much over the past couple of years! Little women. Love these two. 
Have a great start to your week!

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  1. So fun! Those eggs are beautiful! Congrats to both of your for doing so well! Can't believe you got stung in the mouth by a bug!


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