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April 9, 2013

Bits + Pieces via Instagram

This past month, according to Instagram:

1. A rainy day calls for my vintage peacock blue raincoat! 
2. Turning my illustrations into stamps...probably to make stamped wrapping paper. Thoughts?!
3. Going into Target for socks means I wander around and buy random objects like this gold tassel. 
4. My new flapper flamingos! Now as cards as invites in the shop. (+ these related baby invites, too!)
5. Working on maps this wedding season like a crazy woman. 
6. Turning my illustrations into iPhone cases...which one should be next?!
7. B, sunning herself on the stairs.
8. The Mister and me, going to the My Athens VIP last Friday night! #wethinkwefancy

If you care to find me on Instagram, you can right here @nattymichelle ♥ More Bits + Pieces posts here

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