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April 23, 2013

This house has inspired us...

This is the dreamy home (built in 1885) my parents and I stumbled across in the Boulevard District of Athens over the weekend. It was pretty empty at the open house because the family had already moved, so it was much easier to focus on the old details of the home...and daydream what it could look like if James and I moved in tomorrow (a girl can dream.) The man of the house is a contractor by day, and his wife is a designer (a marriage made in heaven, if you ask me!) They've restored the house to its original beauty and way outdid themselves. Every last room has details and charm for days. As I mentioned before, their green kitchen is to die for! A little choir went off in my head the minute I stepped in the room. Major design crush. I also love all of the natural light the home has -- that's something that ranks high on my list of must-haves in a house. There's no such thing as having too many windows. The back porch and backyard are my other favorite parts of the home. For a house that sits in the middle of town in a historic neighborhood, I'm amazed at how much land comes with the house, and how private it feels. A great area for entertaining and relaxing, for sure.

Above are some photos I snapped of the dining space at the bottom of the deck stairs -- it's inspired me to get to work on our own backyard. James and I have this awkward area that's held up by a short retaining wall, and before now, we had no idea what to do with it. When James is off work next week, he's going to price out small pebbles and see how much it would cost to fill the space next to the porch steps. We also plan to dig out a small section of dirt on one side and add a couple of stone steps going up to the landing....and....we're possibly going to build a fence (!) for added privacy. We're not the handiest when it comes to landscaping or building things, but my crafty dad has offered to help us with the fence (thanks, Dad!) I'm super pumped about the possible outcome. Last year we added garden lights to the area, but other than furnishing the space, we haven't done much to the backyard. I always have grandiose ideas, but I'm never sure how to execute them. Maybe we're finally on to something!

To see more photos of this home that's for sale in Athens, click here. (You can move in for only $559,000!) Photos via Zillow and myself.

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