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April 10, 2013

An evening with Andy

When my friend Douglas and I found out that Andy was coming to Atlanta to sign copies of his book, we immediately made plans to be there. So yesterday I carefully picked out an outfit -- like I was going on a first date or something -- and flew down the interstate mid-afternoon toward the city. Douglas and I were thrilled to see that we were some of the first people in line, so we got a good seat inside the lecture hall. And when Andy finally came out for his Q&A, he didn't disappoint! He is just as cute in person as he is on TV, although who is really that surprised? The audience's questions were pretty funny, like, "marry, shag, kill: Jeff Lewis, Zoila, Jill Zarin." (I'm sure you guys can guess Andy's answer.) Douglas even got to ask Andy a question! He asked how his relationship is with Jill Zarin, now that she's no longer a housewife. You know, the important questions. (In case you are wondering, he hasn't seen her since that last infamous, crazy interview on his show.)

Anyway, an evening with Andy was an evening well-spent! And I'm sure you can tell by that last picture, but I was just as happy in that moment as I look :)

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