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April 17, 2013

10 Pins: Vintage brass animals

When I'm thrifting or antiquing, one of the things I'm always on the hunt for are vintage brass animal figurines.  They add just the right amount of personality to a vanity or bookshelf, don't you think? My collection includes a couple of small brass bulldogs, an owl, a deer and a quail -- all found at thrift stores for $2 or less. I have yet to find anything bigger than something that would fit in the palm of my hand, but I'm always looking. I mean, that big ol' hippo is the best! How much fun is he?!

10 Pins:

Tiny whale, $14, via Sharp No.2 // Antelope via Lonny // Elephant via My Suitcase Heart // Deer via Style Me Pretty // Deer via My Suitcase Heart // Deer family via Hipopovintage // Owl, $22, via Vint // Pig, $140, via Tearing Up Houses // Elephant via Rue Mag // Hippo via High Street Market

all pinned here

Do you have a brass animal menagerie? If yes -- what's in your collection?!

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