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March 12, 2013

Shop news + a personal goal + a question:

Last week I added another new item to the shop: stationery sets featuring letterheads with custom portraits! (That's James and me, in case any of you are wondering.) I can make them of your kids, your family (and pets!) or just of your own pretty mug. I think they would make a fun gift -- especially if you have a pen pal...

In other shop news, I've decided I want to grow my small business in 2013 by achieving a new goal: to cultivate relationships with new clients and companies by accepting as many wholesale orders as I can manage. My hope is for as many eyes to see my work as possible -- you never know what will come your way if you don't put yourself out there, right? (I've sold my goods via consignment before, and I don't recommend it. I think I'll write a post soon on the pros and cons of each. Stay tuned for that!) 

The past few days I've been working on something called a "wholesale list sheet" -- basically a catalog of merchandise in PDF form, complete with policies, photos, descriptions and wholesale prices. Selling products wholesale can be a little daunting and confusing at first, and I found that while there is a lot of information out there on the Web, Jess Vanden's advice was a godsend -- she is so straight forward and offers sample documents to help you easily make your own. I finished my list sheet and order form last night, and I sent them off via e-mail to local businesses first. I've already received my first order form, and it's absolutely made my day! Fingers crossed that I hear back from the others and have another "yes" or two in the pile by the end of the week.

And before I go, fellow Dawgs + Athenians: For the "My Athens" show in April, I've been asked to make two more pen and ink portraits of famous Athens landmarks to go with my Georgia Theatre pen and ink. The 40 Watt is on the list, but I'm stumped on #3. The Arch and the stadium are always a possibility, but I really wanted to draw another landmark that "goes" with the theatre and the 40 Watt. Any ideas? I asked this question via Facebook and Twitter, too, and so far Manhattan Cafe and The Grill are front runners. I would love to hear any other suggestions you may have!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Maybe The Melting Point at The Foundry? That place is amazing.

    Or The Classic Center?

    Or The Grit?

    1. Ah -- The Grit! No one has suggested that. Great idea. Thanks, Nicole!

  2. I love The National & Cine building front :) congrats to you and good luck! xo

  3. As a UGA alum--these places are near and dear to my heart. One place that always always stands out is Jittery Joes (of course this was before they moved from 5 points next to the bike shop). BUT--that was an athens staple for me!

    These illustrations are fantastic!


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