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March 1, 2013

Odds and ends 3/1/13

This week started off on a positive note -- my doctor met with James and me to go over our lab and test results from the past couple of months, and....we pass with "flying colors." So, our diagnosis is "unexplained infertility," which has positives and negatives, but I'm choosing to see more of the positives. Maybe those first few months last year were a wash because I didn't know when I was ovulating? So we decided we'd try a little more before moving on to the next step -- a few rounds of Clomid, then maybe an IUI. But I have to say that ever since I published my post about infertility -- and received so much love and support from all of you -- I've felt a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. It has helped me cope tremendously. And now that we know we look "great on paper," I feel like I have very little anxiety left to spare on the maybe that will help us moving forward. Here's to wishing and hoping!

This weekend I'm meeting a friend I met at the Indie South Fair, and we're going thrifting and antiquing! I am really excited, and crossing my fingers that I find a treasure or two. I'll be sure to post whatever I pick up here

To cap off the week, here's what I want to share with y'all + the sources for the above beauties:

What caught my eye this week:

1. Head over heels for this J. Crew blouse from NY Fashion Week

2. The Duke of Windsor's cigarette case [more here]

3. Digging the painting that hangs over Dabito's bed

4. The prettiest shade of green blouse by Iris & Ink

5. How funny -- and perfect -- is Natasha Montero's save-the-date?

6. Equal parts creepy and cool = doll head cups by Natalia Gruszecka

And a few other things worth sharing:

We recently got HBO and I am obsessed with "Girls." Jessa is my fave. 

This is my new go-to chicken and veggies recipe -- it is so easy (and yummy)!

I thought the Oscars weren't the best, but I loved JLaw's and Adele's wins + Kerry Washington's dress.

A sweet lil' video about my town.

I found this advice on social media etiquette to be so helpful + 

this advice from Martha to be really inspiring.

I didn't know it was possible to crush harder on Rashida Jones...

...but it happened after watching "Celeste and Jesse Forever." So good!

Have a great weekend!

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