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March 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Well, it's technically spring, but as much of the country sure doesn't feel like it right about now. Burrr. This weekend was a blast -- our friends we visited are just the sweetest, and little Henry  melted our hearts (he's walking and running and smiling up a storm!) Plus, he does this thing where he tries to jump then dies laughing in those cute cute cute baby giggles. Seriously, there is nothing like a baby's laughter. Am I right?!

I am gearing up for my first sales meeting with Avid Bookshop tomorrow. I am super excited, but to be honest, I'm pretty nervous, too. She suggested that I bring anything that locals would appreciate + anything book-related. I've come up with a couple of new products that I hope to add to the shop and share here later in the week. I hope Avid's owner likes them!

Wish me luck ♥ And of course, if you have any advice on how to ace a sales meeting (and how to sell yourself), please feel free to share...

Photo of tulips on our kitchen table by me

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