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March 18, 2013

Bits + Pieces: Our Weekend

  1. Mirror turned chalkboard
  2. My little $.88 squirrel
  3. Washi tape traveled all the way to me from Hong Kong!
  4. B, hanging out in my desk on Friday afternoon
  5. Us, post 5K race in Athens
  6. James is all smiles about his new bubble gum jar
  7. B, overseeing my chalkboard project from inside
  8. Date night on Friday night: Hibachi!

Oh, this weekend! It was a good one. However, I was bad and didn't document with my camera nearly enough to put together a decent post...but of course, I took plenty of IG pictures to share. Saturday morning's race was so fun -- but the time was not my best. Athens is so hilly! It was a tough course. But as always, I felt fantastic afterwards, and I can't wait to run our next 5K in just a few weeks. 

We went on a quick treasure hunt Saturday afternoon, and I was absolutely tickled to find a Lance cracker jar at Goodwill...for $3.50! For those of you who are in the know, this is a major steal. Old convenience store jars go for $50 to over $100, depending on the condition they're in. Ours is missing its signature red lid, but my clear cookie jar lid at home fits just fine. James can hardly wait to go buy a  huge package of bubble gum to fill it up! I also found that little squirrel for just $.88. He's going to look really cute sitting on a stack of books.

Yesterday was a home improvement day around the Kilgore house. I made a chalkboard out of an old mirror (DIY coming soon!), and James and his power drill were busy installing an extra shelf in our laundry closet and two shades on our back porch. The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend -- high 60s, breezy and sunny. We can hardly wait to enjoy those shades on our back porch...before the pollen bombs everything a bright shade of yellow and the weather turns sticky and hot. 

How was your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. $3.50 for the Lance jar?!?! That is a CRAZY steal!


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