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February 20, 2013

Home Tour: The Office

This is where I go to work every day: my home office. Like every space in our home, it's not quite finished, but I'm not sure it ever will be -- I'm always moving things around. When we built our house two years ago, I wanted my office to be a space that was functional, neat and inspiring. I chose to set up shop in our front bedroom because it gets the best natural light throughout the day (and I love the large three panel front window in the room, too.) 

Our City Hall East mail sorter sits against the back wall and holds everything from hole punches to my stationery. It is my favorite piece of furniture in our house. (You can read a little more on how we scored this guy here). I only recently found baskets to fit the cubbies at Michaels. I set my black sawhorse desk up in the middle of the room, and I face a farmhouse table and my bulletin board (DIY here) where I tack up inspiring pictures, art and notes. The rug under my desk is from TJ Maxx and the floral curtains are from Anthropologie. My industrial light fixture was only $30 from Home Depot. Right now a $7 vintage embroidery piece is the only art that hangs on my office walls; on the back, a hand-written message reads: "I embroidered this for Bee-Bee for her birthday, March 1, in 1965." (My recent owl find will likely be joining it soon!) 

Over the past couple of years, I've found a couple of objects that help me stay organized and keep my desk looking neat. I found the red office organizer at Hobby Lobby, and I use it to store pencils, ink pens, stamps, shipping labels and artwork for clients. Since the majority of my projects are custom and I'm working on several at any given time, this organizer keeps everything in one place and off my desk so I can work more efficiently. I also use a three tier caddy to store Washi tape, baker's twine and other supplies and keep it off my desk on the floor. The only other significant things that stay on my desk besides my lap top are my Wacom tablet and my bean bag stand, made by my friend Mia. It holds my iPad so I can listen to music while I work! 

So, in a nutshell, that's my office! Do you work or craft in a special room in your home? What makes your space unique?


  1. You totally have the dream office!!! I love the spiral three tier caddy!! Do you remember where you got it??

    I love the organizational book shelf cube system you have! You must be so organized!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I LOVE your space; especially your desk and your carpet!! My house is currently very bare. For some reason, since moving to Australia, I haven't accumulated a lot of stuff. I think because I keep feeling like this isn't a permanent spot for me, I'm naturally inclined not to collect anything. But I *really* want to settle down somewhere and really invest in decorating a house!

  3. Love every little detail! And I am so jealous of all of your baskets. Seriously love them!

  4. I spy a fun little organizer on the bottom shelf and a cute little stand ;-)

  5. I spy a fun little organizer on the bottom shelf and a cute little stand ;-)

  6. Your office is the desk and baskets...sooo clean and organized!!


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