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January 9, 2013

Pen Pal in a Box

One of my best friends recently moved to Europe, and when I found these over at 3 Potato 4, I thought...hmmm. Let's make a Pen Pal kit in a box! It's no secret that I love getting snail mail, so I thought a kind little nudge in the way of a present might encourage a few exciting postcards to come my way in the future. This is how I made it:

 First things first. Pen pal friendship keychains (don't they remind you of Moonrise Kingdom?) You know, kinda like these, but for 20- 30-somethings:

 Plenty of postcards (and stamps!):

To keep track of all your adventures overseas (or in the States!):

Stack it all together, and...

Then use some pretty stamps (and maybe some Washi tape!) to make the outside as pretty as the inside....

I hope y'all are inspired to send a pen pal a little snail mail in matter how close or far away they may be!

Postcards by Penguin // Van Gogh NotebookSmash Travel Pad and Sharpies from Target // Pen Pal Keychains by 3 Potato 4 // Martha Ink Pad and Stamp from Michaels Crafts// Washi tape by Pretty Tape


  1. How adorable!! I've always wanted a pen pal...maybe I'll think of doing this during the year! I love the keychains that look like hotel keys! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Absolutely adorable little gift set. Know doubt she loved it!

  3. Oh this is SUCH a great idea!! My best girlfriend lives in London, and I live in Australia, so this would be the PERFECT gift to send her!! Thank you for the idea!

  4. this is way cool. Have you heard about A Month of Letters?

  5. Awesome, I heart pen pals!

  6. Where did you get those pen pal key chains? They are awesome!

  7. this is sooooo great ! beautiful colors as well !


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