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January 4, 2013

Happy first Friday of 2013...

Happy first Friday of 2013, friends ♥ This week has been all about reflecting on the past year. What a year it was! I spotted this fun year-in-review layout over at Natasha's blog and felt inspired to make one of my own. (You can download Natasha's layout here and make one for your blog, too!) Natasha and I met at Blogshop in November, and she's a cool chick -- and a local web programmer/coding expert to boot. As I combed through my Instragram feed this morning, I realized that even though the year seemed to go by so fast, James and I crammed a lot of happy moments into each and every month. I know I've already written a little recap, so I won't go over everything a second time -- but having a visual is special. (Thanks, Natasha + Instagram!)

My New Year's Day post is becoming a reality over here, and I'm feeling good as the weekend approaches. I started reading this book on Monday, and I'm really into it. Unfortunately I kind of know what happens; I recently watched the movie and afterwards had one of those crap-I-just-watched-the-movie-and-didn't-know-it's-also-a-book moments, but the book is of course, much better. I also got hooked on this tv show when I stayed in NYE...I am somewhat embarrassed to say I watched until the wee hours every night this week to finish both seasons. It is the best show I've seen in a long time. I hate that I started watching it on James's work week...but I told him that it's so good that I'll happily watch it with him a second time. (Anyone else know what I'm sayin'?! It is so darn good. I have some strong feelings about season 2's finale...I don't trust that Brody. I think he's up to somethin'.)

Otherwise, I've spent my other time catching up on work projects for the new year, and I think I've nailed down that new hobby that I'm going to get started on. More on that later...

Until then, here are a few things from around the Web worth sharing:

This is not forty
This is your year
Loving this DIY project for January (I like her name, too)
Currently using this photo as my muse for new stationery and recipe cards 
New year, new haircut inspiration

What's to come!
More on that new hobby of mine soon...
Painted iPhone DIY
My home office tour

Have a lovely weekend!

year-in-review blog layout by Natasha; make your own here!

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  1. I love the way your year in review post turned out, Natalie! Looks like it was a great year indeed :)


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