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November 19, 2012

Weekend: Blogshop Atlanta

Oh, this weekend -- I can't even put these last couple of days into words! Blogshop was amazing. I feel creatively renewed and inspired, and I have so many new ideas for the blog, which is nothing short of exciting. My sweet friend Amber took the class with me, and I made a couple of new friends, too! It was so refreshing to be in a room full of women who had something in common with me -- we all love to create, and we all love to blog. I say I love working from home by myself in my little office, but I take it back -- imagine the ideas and collaborations that could happen from working in a room like that! Hmm.

As some of you know, I've been teaching myself Photoshop for the last couple of months, and I was slapping my forehead over all the shortcuts and tricks we learned -- they're going to save me a lot of time moving forward, for sure. Beyond that, I think I finally have an understanding of the cryptic program that is Photoshop, and that feels so good. I highly recommend taking the class if Bri + Angela are coming your way anytime soon, even if you don't have a blog. I am so impressed with these two ladies, and I hope they come back to Atlanta when they've expanded and start teaching Blogshop II (it has to happen, right?) I sure hope so!

All photos + gif by me except bottom IG photo by @maiedae

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