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October 16, 2012

Halloween Decorations

This year I decided to invest a little bit in some Halloween decorations (just a few...) I just couldn't say no when I saw these vintage-style jack o'lantern and black kitty figures -- I mean, how much fun are they?! I waited until Hobby Lobby put them on sale...and then I basically bought them all (whoops!). I replaced bookends on our shelves with some of them, then placed the other two on the kitchen table on either side of the white owl vase. I also swapped out a bookend with our candy jack o'lantern bucket on the bookshelves upstairs. We'll fill it up with candy right before Halloween -- because if we do it now, it'll be gone by the 31st -- but until then, it'll serve as a festive decoration. Easy and cheap! Gotta love that.

As far as vase fillers and garland go, I usually prefer fresh stems over anything fake -- but my allergies would be out of control if I brought real hay or straw in the house. Instead, I filled the owl vase with feathers, sticks, pine cones and other faux autumn fillers found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Target, then used this trick to separate the stems and keep everything looking neat, fanned and full. As a result, the owl has quite the fall headdress! I also opted to drape faux "straw" garland with acorns over the tops of our bookshelves in the living room, and I love how natural it looks. Since it's typical of the season, I'll probably leave it out through Thanksgiving, then swap it out with something a little more Christmas-y in December. 

I look forward to carving real pumpkins right before Halloween, but I usually leave them on the front porch. I wanted a couple of jack o'lanterns to light up the windows of our house, so I carved two styrofoam pumpkins (found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores) and lit them with battery-powered candles. I was skeptical in the beginning, but I've been really pleased with how they look! The battery lights flicker like real candles, and they light up the jack o'lanterns perfectly. 

Only a couple more weeks until Halloween! How do you decorate your home for the spookiest day of the year?


  1. I LOVE your decorations!! Hallowe'en isn't celebrated in Australia, and being the Canadian implant that I am, I'm really missing the festivity!

    1. Thank you! Halloween is such a fun time of year. Australia must be such an amazing place to live!

  2. Love all your Halloween decor . . . that last pic is adorable :O) Blessings!


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