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September 24, 2012

Music Midtown

This weekend the Mister and I trekked to Atlanta with friends to Music Midtown, a music festival at Piedmont Park. We weren't quite prepared for how many people would be there, (a sell-out crowd of 52,000 -- yowzas!), but we were able to see Florence and the Machine up close and personal, so we considered it to be a pretty successful venture. She is just as graceful and beautiful in person, and her voice is every bit as amazing as it is on her albums. (Side note: who else knew she was born in 1986? I am still not over this little tidbit of information!)

Since there were 51,996 people swarming around by the end of the day, we watched the final acts, Girl Talk and Pearl Jam, a safe distance away from the mosh pit crowd. Girl Talk really was a giant dance party -- complete with glow sticks -- but I couldn't bring myself to venture down into a sea of thousands of people to risk never coming out again (I'm only half kidding). We found a place high above the the soup of people on a grassy hill and had our own private dance party, sans glow sticks, and then enjoyed the rest of the evening being serenaded by Eddie Vedder. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, you know? 

And, the weather was so beautiful this weekend -- a great first couple of days of fall! I'm hoping it's here to stay. 

So, what did y'all do this weekend?

Photos by me via Instagram

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  1. What a beautiful shot!! I wish I was able to go - I heard it was amazing!


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