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September 21, 2012

I was early to rise this morning -- at 5 AM. Fail. I had every intention of making my insomnia a positive. I thought, I might as well get up and knock out some work. But, in true Natty form, I then thought, well...I could catch up on the Housewives on DVR. Pin a little. Check Twitter and Facebook... And two hours went by. So much for being productive early in the morning! Oh, well. At least I'm now caught up with the housewives gossip in Miami and New Jersey. You guys, those women are bananas! But I can't stop watching. That's a blog topic for another day, I suppose...

I am so looking forward to this weekend. James and I are trekking to Atlanta to go to Music Midtown with friends, and we're gonna have a great time. Florence and the Machine (!) will be there, and Girl Talk, too. Two of my faves. I'm kinda hoping it'll turn into a big ol' dance party. You know, outside, in a huge park with thousands of other people. It could happen. 

And, I'm almost finished with my closet! I just need to snap a few good pictures to share on the blog. Does anyone have any tips for taking great pictures in a small space in bad, bad indoor lighting?! Everything I shoot looks...icky. Any suggestions or tips would be so appreciated!
And before I go, here are a few link-worthy items worth sharing from around the Web:

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Have a great weekend, everybody 

"Harbor" by Sarah Eisenlohr here, edited by me; collage of my closet via Pinterest + PicFrame

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