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August 24, 2012

A few thoughts

When I saw this picture of Debbie Harry here earlier this week, I immediately bookmarked it, thinking, "If a picture sums up my mood right now, this is most definitely it."  Work is hectic, and while it is so nice to be busy doing something you love -- I can't stress that enough! -- there's a fine line between a normal workload and something that isn't. I tend to take on way more than I can handle, because honestly, the projects are fun! It's not until I'm in over my head that I wonder to myself, "Why didn't you just say no?" It's a word that I rarely ever say, and one I need to learn to say more often. Not only for the sake of my sanity, but for the quality of my work, too. So, in short, I learned two lessons about freelance work this week: it's ok to say no, and it's almost guaranteed that the quality of your work will suffer if you over-schedule yourself. Truths!

As for the rest of the week? Well, let's just say that this post written by a good friend pretty much sums up why I look a lot like Debbie Harry up there lately. To my family and friends who may be reading: I love you all dearly -- I do! But "don't ask, won't tell" is my new motto, and I'm sticking to it. (Does anyone else out there ever feel the same way where this topic is concerned?!) Even though I know no one means any harm by asking, sometimes the repetitive questioning can begin to feel a little invasive. Geez. Louise.

Moving on. This week has been a true learning experience in more ways than one, but the good news is, it's almost over! Time to start over fresh. So, let's have a cheer for the weekend! It's almost here, thank goodness. I can almost taste that cocktail that's waiting for me come happy hour -- and imagine sitting on a blanket at this concert that we're attending with friends later tonight! I'd give today a big hug if I could.

And, stay tuned for Weekly IG, coming up later today! (...You didn't think I was going into the weekend leaving you all to stare at Debbie's scary scream instead of something pretty and fun, did you? I would never! ♥)


  1. I've kept a standard "not for several years" answer to the question, regardless of when we're thinking about starting to have baby Goudas. That usually helps push the question off a little longer. But my lord, it sure does get to me sometimes! I usually think if I wanted you to know, I would tell you, so please assume the answer is either "no babies here" or "don't you worry your pretty little head about us".

    Amy Clark

  2. I love that little fox! I hope you find some time to unwind this weekend and regarding your policy, I am TOTALLY behind you. I had miscarriages before both of my boys were born and it was SO hurtful every time someone asked those types of questions. I know people get so excited for a new young couple to start a family but wow, it can be overwhelming! I'm now at the point when people are CONSTANTLY asking me if I'm gonna try for a girl. My best advice is to just smile and tell them they'll be the first to know if any good news does break!


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