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August 7, 2012

10 Beauty Trends That'll Date Your Wedding Photos

Today you can find me over at TLC Weddings, where I'm writing about bridal beauty trends that could date your wedding photos later on -- which is completely subjective, of course. What makes a beauty trend trendy? And which trends will date your look years later? As someone who loves getting in on the current trends, it was tough for me to choose 10 that may be thought of as no-no's in the future. What do you think should make the list? Smoky eyes, messy buns, tangerine lips? There's no real way to know which trends will stand the test of time and which ones won't (teased 80s bangs, anyone?). Personally, I think all brides should stay true to their individual sense of style -- you only get one wedding day, and you shouldn't choose a look out of fear that you'll hate your photos by your 50th anniversary. Right?

So I'd love to hear -- did any of you succumb to any beauty trends when you tied the knot? And, do you already regret any decisions you made? I know I definitely jumped in feet first with the feather trend a couple of years ago at my own wedding...but I don't have any regrets just yet!

You can read the full article here if you'd like. As always, thanks for reading!

Illustration by Don Oehl

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  1. Great article!! Thankfully I didnt do any of those. :) my motto was simple---but we had lots of unique items throughout.


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