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July 2, 2012


How was your weekend, friends? Mine was wonderful. And not just the kind of wonderful that people sometimes say to describe an average weekend. It was a truly fantastic couple of days. Friday we met my parents and brother for dinner, and afterwards, I met two of my best friends for drinks -- one who is in town visiting from DC and the other who's recently engaged...who asked us to be her bridesmaids! (Now, some ladies groan at the thought of bridesmaid duties...I revel in it. I just love being a bridesmaid.) The coming year is going to be a lot of fun -- have I ever mentioned that I love weddings? Probably only a few times...

Saturday I set out on a treasure hunt, and I found so many awesome things. I found a vintage card display rack for future "Natty Michelle" art shows and a doily stretcher very similar to this one that I plan to hang as art in the guest room. Later that night we met up with friends to sing Japanese-style Karaoke here -- twelve of us had our own room, a waiter and endless supply of karaoke tunes to choose from. We joked that we could hear ourselves all the way in the back of the place in the bathroom with the doors shut, but hey, that only means we were having the best time ever, right?! My favorite tunes of the night were the girls' rendition of Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" and James and me singing "Octopus's Garden" (a highly underrated Beatles song, if you ask me.) It was such a fun night.

Sunday afternoon I braved the heat again to go on a treasure hunt -- this time, I trekked to Monroe and Covington, where some of my favorite antique malls and thrift stores are located. I came home with a bunch of loot, including a Coca-Cola outdoor thermometer for the back porch, some vintage books (someday I will admit I have a problem. Until then...) and an amazing faux fur sable hat for $1! Yesterday it was 102 degrees, and I might be crazy for even considering to buy a winter hat in that weather, but I wasn't going to leave it behind for someone else to snatch up. One thing's for sure -- I definitely looked silly trying it on in the store. And yes -- it was uncomfortable even for a half a second of putting it on my already-hot head. Is it fall yet?

As a final bit of news, we have a new kitty friend at the Kilgore house, and we're not sure where the little guy came from. He's been shacking up outside our front door for about a month now, and of course, I've been feeding him because I just can't ignore his cute mug and loud meows. He is definitely a domesticated cat, but he doesn't have a collar, and we can't take him in because of resident diva kitty Bianca. She wouldn't welcome a new friend, unfortunately, so this guy is gonna have to find a new home. I'm doing my best to find owners for him, so Athens and Atlanta locals: if you're interested, please see more info and his picture here, and e-mail me at if you want to adopt or know someone else that would like to scoop him up. He is so sweet, and it would warm my heart so much for him to find owners that can love him and care for him like he deserves.

I hope you all had great weekends, too -- and wherever you are, I hope you are staying cool during this insane heat wave!

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