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July 25, 2012

Diy: Instagram Clip Frame

Y'all know I am a crazy person for Instagram. It is definitely my favorite iPhone app -- it's a source of daily inspiration for me. There are so many awesome people out there, and I've come to know so many new bloggers and creatives since I signed up with the app over a year ago. When I saw Elsie's Instagram collage and this via Pinterest, I knew I had to make my own Instagram display. The one thing holding me back was finding the perfect photo frame for the project. I found my rustic antique-style frame via Art City Frames on Etsy, and I got down to business. This DIY is super easy, and I made the entire frame in just under a half hour. Want to make a similar frame of your own? Let's begin with the supply list: 

1. Supply list: (1) Photos -- regular ol' photos will work fine, but if you are an Instagram user, there is a great little app called PostalPix that will send you affordable, high quality prints of your IG photos through the mail. Think Snapfish but for the iPhone. It is super easy to use, photos arrive fast and I was more than pleased with the quality of the photos. (2) Mini clothes pins -- found at your local craft store. (3) String, raffia, etc. -- I used raffia because I have a ton of it on hand, but I think baker's twine or colored yarn would be cute, too. (4) Scissors (5) Tape -- I'd choose masking tape over other kinds of tape because it will easily peel off if you need to remove it in the future. (6) Not pictured: you'll need a picture frame of some kind, of course! My frame's opening measures 16 x 20"; overall dimensions are 23 x 27". Just remove the glass and the back for easy hanging.

 2. Lay your photos out to see what kind of space you're dealing with. Move photos as close together as possible for the best result.

3.When you've laid out your photos just right, stretch your string, raffia, etc. as tight as possible, and tape the edges firmly to the back of the frame. The tighter the rows, the better.

4. Make sure tape is secure!

5. Clip photos along the string. If photos overlap just a bit, that's fine. The more pictures you can fit on your frame, the more dynamic the display will be!

The final result -- a fun, colorful display of your photos for all to see and admire. The great part about this kind of frame is that you can easily change out the photos as you wish. One last tip: if you find a picture frame you love but is without a back and/or glass, you can hang a single photo or art print, just like this. Happy crafting!

If you make your own photo frames, be sure to leave a link to your project in the comments! 

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  1. Kristina Mulligan7/25/2012 11:58 AM

    Hey Natty! I absolutely adore this... thanks for the idea! Just curious what size frame you used?

    1. Good question! The frame's overall dimensions measure 23x27; the opening is 16x20. I hope that helps!

  2. Natty! I love this idea! I, too, am obsessed with instagram and have been trying to think of something creative to do with my favorite photos. This is perfect! I am now on the hunt for a great frame...

  3. Absolutely love this!!! Great idea!

  4. WOW this looks easy! I want to make one NOW! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Replies
    1. It was a TJ Maxx find, and a steal at that for only 100 bones.


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