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June 25, 2012


This weekend was a busy one. Athfest was so fun, but oh, was it hot! I don't think I've been that hot --and sweaty-- in a long, long time. Sales were decent for the Natty Michelle shop, and I scored a few custom orders, too, so overall, the weekend was a success! Of course, I predicted correctly that I would spend some of my earnings back on my booth mates' jewelry...I bought a gorgeous Jasper Hilburn vintage necklace and some of Lisa Kerns's shark teeth studs. (Is there anything cooler?) I also bartered with a few sellers, which is always super fun. And, I got home Saturday evening to find our neighbors left us a little gift -- fresh flowers from the farmers market and tomatoes picked from their own garden -- two surefire ways to get to my heart.

Also, yesterday was my Mister's birthday! I wrapped up a fun prize for him to open, and as you can see, he liked it a little: 

This man will always be a diehard Peyton Manning fan. I'll really have to get used to looking at that bright orange color next football season, but with the number 18 on the chest, I think I can manage!

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