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June 3, 2012

Weekend: Monroe treasure hunt

James and I were looking forward to Saturday all week last week! We haven't brunched at our favorite place in a month, and we were looking forward to egg scrambler and a big ol' biscuit like nobody's business. Heaven. After brunch we set out to treasure hunt in nearby Monroe in the best weather -- breezy, 70 degrees and downright lovely for a June afternoon in the south. We had to pinch ourselves a few times to make sure we weren't dreaming. If only the weather could be that wonderful all summer! (Because since then it's back to being sticky, hot and humid. Yup -- welcome to the south during summer. Bleh.)

The antique gods were good to us on Saturday. We scored a mid-century industrial space heater/fan just like this one for the back porch, $22, a Girl Scout handbook for $4 (that I've been hunting for forever), an old egg basket, $18, and a rusted bed spring (like this) that I plan to use as a recipe holder in the kitchen for $3. (Our fave spots to antique in Monroe are Ian Henderson's Antique Mall, Cherry Hill Antiques and Davis Street Antiques, for you locals out there). Sometimes it's not about the treasure hunting but about the time the Mister and I get to spend together -- poking through old things, laughing and finding objects that jog old childhood memories that we've never told each other about before. One thing's for certain -- we sure do share a love for digging through junk. Two birds of a feather, that's what we are.

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