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June 12, 2012

Isle of Palms -- our trip so far

Our trip to Isle of Palms has been great so far -- despite the occasional cloudy sky, we've seen plenty of sun since we arrived Saturday morning and have become happy little beach bums. I am halfway through with this page turner, and James has found himself engrossed in this series, staying up until all hours to finish one book so he can open the next. Since this never happens, I'm enjoying it -- his idea of reading on the beach usually involves Fantasy Football magazines, and that's about it. Is there anything better than seeing someone you love love a book as much as you do? It's kind of the best. 

Since the radar has revealed several thunderstorms throughout the area every day, we were wondering if the rain would keep us indoors -- but we've been lucky. The rain has missed us by a hair every day so far, so we'll keep crossing our fingers for more beautiful weather as the week goes on. Before we left for the coast we were in need of some major relaxation time, and thanks to our comfy beach chairs, a good book and the sound of the rolling waves -- we're getting it. 

More later! Until then...have a great Tuesday ♥


  1. Love the photos, looks like you guys are having a relaxing time!

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  3. Your pictures are currently filling my daydreams. Nothing sounds better than lounging on the beach with my reader, strawberries, and soda. sigh! I hope you guys are having a great time!


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