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June 13, 2012

The Angel Oak

Yesterday was overcast and rainy in Charleston, so we decided to make the short trek over to John's Island to see the 400-500 year old Angel Oak. Pictures don't do the huge tree or the surrounding park justice -- it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and the tree's massive existence makes you feel so small! How many generations of people has it seen in the last four or five centuries? Too many to count. It's amazing to think about it that way. One thing's for sure -- it's certainly received plenty of hugs from people in its lifetime. Us included.


  1. We are visiting Charleston in October I def want to go see this tree! I felt the same way about the redwoods, the camera just didn't do justice. xoxo A-

    1. You will love it! Have fun on your trip xo

  2. i LOVE the angel oak! we've been a couple of times and it's so beautiful!!

  3. What a neat tree! I wanna go see it.


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