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May 17, 2012

Diy: Hanging lantern jars

My handy brother-in-law made these little hanging lanterns for us not too long ago, and we've been enjoying them ever since. He uses actual tea lights in his, but my inner pyrophobia prefers battery-powered tea lights instead. They are so beautiful on a clear night, hanging from the trees in your backyard -- little twinkles scattered here and there! They are super easy to make; all you need is a few minutes to snap a few together. First, the supply list:
1. A baseball bat, softball bat, wiffle bat, etc.
2. Tea lights! Real candles if you're brave. 
3. Galvanized wire -- found at your neighborhood home improvement store
4. Empty baby food jars
First, cut a couple of feet of galvanized wire and begin wrapping it around the base of the bat, so it coils neatly and easily. Once you have the length and shape you want, wrap it around the top of the baby food jar, like this:
Wrap the wire tightly around the top of the baby food jar, and make sure it's secure by hanging it on a nearby branch that's low to the ground. It should be springy, sturdy and ready to hang for good! Make and hang 15 or more lanterns for a striking display.

Enjoy your backyard twinkles! 

banner photo credit: here

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