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April 20, 2012

This is happening...

As promised, our little bathroom makeover is underway. The walls are a little lighter pink than they appear here, but the first color that I tested (and thought I loved) ended up being bubble gum pink once I spread it around on the walls. The small space looked like a pink nightmare! It's so funny how paint colors can look so vastly different in the light on various walls. The wall behind the door is the darkest pink, but the wall over the toilet is light and airy pink -- the color I was aiming for. So, we'll just keep the door open and forget that the wall behind it looks weirdly darker than the rest of the room... 

The shower curtain was a find from the Urban Outfitters website -- I never thought I could love a shower curtain so much, but I do. I've basically worked the entire room off its floral design. Pink for the walls, brown-turned-white mirror and rustic/vintage art and accents. 

Hopefully the reveal will happen sometime next week! Until then...

Stay tuned for Weekly Instagram -- so many inspiring photos this week! -- coming up this afternoon 


  1. I adore that shower curtain! It's super fab! Can't wait to see your final reveal...

  2. I love all of your collages! What program do you use to make them? I've tried Powerpoint and Photoshop with no luck. :(


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