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March 7, 2012

Book Clubs

I love to read. When I was a kid, I used to keep a book on my nightstand, another in the back of the car, and usually another one in my desk at school, and I would read them all at the same time -- depending on where I was. I might be dating myself, but titles always varied between "Sweet Valley High," "The Boxcar Children," "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Baby-sitter's Club." I can still name all of the Babysitters! But I'll spare you. Point of the story is, I've loved to read since I was able to pick up a book. And as an adult, I try to fit as many books into my schedule as humanly possible. (Here are a few of my favorite reads from the blog achieves, in case you're interested!)

Something I have always wanted to do is organize a book club. The idea of getting together with friends to discuss a book sounds so fun to me. (Loosely discuss, I imagine, with lots of wine drinking and the occasional off-topic discussion of the latest Housewives episode. I kind of just want an excuse to buy this tote.) So, I want to know: have any of you started a book club, or are you a member of one right now? Is it casual or serious, and what kind of books do y'all read? Do you meet online or in person? I recently did a little research and wrote a book club how-to over at TLC Family, if you all would like to take a peek. After reading so much about different book clubs, I really, really want to start one of my own. 

Who wants to join?

Photo of Cary Grant and friend here


  1. I'd read along (and facetime/drink wine alone?)!

  2. I gave that bag to my Atlanta book club friends for Christmas - it's amazing! I've been looking for an Athens book club since moving here, though... if you create one, I'd love to be part of it!

    @berlymc or

  3. I used to participate in a book club--it fizzled out, but was strong for two to three years. It was very loosely structured and whoever hosted the next meeting picked the book for the month. Everyone pitched in a brought wine and snacks. It was fantastic. I do miss it and if I lived closer--I would definitely want to be a part. If you do an online version--count me in.

  4. Well you know all about my book club - read the book, then meet to watch the movie adaptation! No one feels guilty if they don't read (hey, you'll get the story when you watch!) and it gives us a good structure when we choose our stories. Plus we always have a lot to discuss. You'd be amazed how many books have movie companions! We're going strong in our third year now!

  5. If I lived in Athens I'd definitely join your book club.


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