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February 27, 2012


This weekend was a great one -- James and I were in a wonderful cycle of lunching or brunching, thrifting -- and drinking way too much coffee (do you see that huge tumbler?! I might need to cut back a little). We found a few treasures in Madison, but mostly we just had fun driving around, listening to music and enjoying the pretty weather. Also, I just realized after a year of living here that there is a Habitat for Humanity thrift store, like, practically within walking distance to our house. How did I not know it existed?! There were so many vintage books there that I didn't even get to see half of them. So of course that means I'm going back today. On that note, I might have a hoarding problem when it comes to vintage books. More on that later.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends, too! What were y'all up to?

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  1. You also then may not realize that 1000 Faces is directly across the street from Re-store, so Mr. Jan is always near :)


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