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February 15, 2012


Did everyone have a nice day with their Valentines?! I sure did. The Mister was very naughty and indulged me with a woah, mama! purse (!) and I gave him...chocolates and a clever Star Wars card. It's the last time I trust the hubs when we agree to "no big gifts!" He's the sweetest, though. I sure do love him. 

The day was full of other surprises, too, like a special package from a dear friend! Oh, how I love snail mail. The day was capped off with a romantical dinner at Lumpkin Cafe, my sister-in-law's restaurant, with my in-laws. Since James had to leave early to go to work, they were sweet enough to let me join them and take me home after dinner was over. And when I got home...guess who was waiting to give me a few rough kitty kisses? That's right, little B. She's such a sweet kitty (but the truth is, she probably just smelled the stuffed chicken and lobster bisque that I had for dinner).

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love, surprises and furry kisses, too! 

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