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January 29, 2012


1. Possible paint colors for the guest room (here, too)
2. Hobby Lobby hanging + Michael's wreath = easy DIY to dress up our door for Valentine's Day
3. Squeezin' Hairy Dawg's neck at the UGA Gymnastics meet Saturday afternoon
4. From Atlanta, Georgia...
5. Del Ray, Virginia (a sweet couples' moving announcement I just finished up)
6. Thrifted clock for $1 (!!) -- it doesn't work, but it's still a gem
7. Snapping photos of my finished vanity (with a furry helper) to post later this week!

Not pictured: Running the Chilly Dawg 5K with my sweet neighbor and hubs Saturday morning. While these two left me in their dust, I surprised myself with a finish time of 36 minutes! I'll take it, especially because I walked one killer of a hill halfway through the race.

How was your weekend?

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