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January 18, 2012

Vintage Vinyl

James and I have been eyeing one of these for a long time, and we finally treated ourselves at Christmastime and bought the sucker. (We'd been collecting vintage records at thrift stores for months, so it seemed kinda like we had to get one eventually). It's no secret that vinyl is making a comeback, and I was eager to see what all the fuss was about. 

Well, to be honest, I'm not sure if the records sound any different compared to CDs, but having the record player on our table in the living room gives the area a bit of nostalgia that I love -- and it's just fun to play records. And you can buy them at thrift stores for a quarter! We've collected quite a stash, including John Denver (my family listened to him so much when I was a child, and I love him), Billy Joel, Anne Murray, Petula Clark -- this is my favorite Petula song --, Ray Charles, Elvis, Three Dog Night -- this is hands down my go-to karaoke song, always -- Olivia Newton John and The Beach Boys. It is really nice to turn off the tv, put on some music, and relax. And when we're cleaning house, you better believe that some Three Dog Night is blaring from the record player. It makes dusting way more fun. 

We have yet to buy any new albums on vinyl, and I wanted to ask you guys -- any new albums that you're raving about? Do you own any vinyl, and if so, what are your favorite vintage records?

Debbie Harry and her vinyl via Retronaut

And the winner of the Stella & Dot giveaway is entry #31 - Rachel! Congratulations! I'll be e-mailing you shortly to coordinate shipment of your prize. Thanks to everyone that entered!


  1. love this post! :):)

    while you might not be able to totally hear the difference, the sound quality is FAR superior to a cd. analog recordings are more accurate than digital. when recordings are released digitally, the sound gets to compressed that you actually don't hear all of the sound waves.

    i love vinyl and it's so much more of a rush finding my favorite record than it is a cd copy. my husband and i have a personal collection of around 2500, but we own a store with over 20,000. it's awesome when people in our town decide to sell their collection because sometimes we find rare "gems" that you don't often find in stores.

    what i've noticed is a lot of bands today are pressing vinyl and including a download code to get the entire album in mp3 format. i feel like this is the best of both get the LP copy (along with the fabulous art) and the opportunity to also have the album on your ipod. win/win!

    some of my favorite albums to collect are ones by nany sinatra (nancy and lee is my favorite), roy orbison, the honeycombs, zombies, kinks, gram parson, flying burrito brothers, the byrds, beach boys, sparks... ok pretty much any 60s/70s psych and bubblegum era stuff.

    as far as new albums, it depends on your music taste really! a lot of my favorite bands are garage/rock and there's lots of albums being released. if you have a local record shop, that would be the best place to start since they can probably get you a great price on ordering new vinyl.

    1. Ashley, thank you so much for the great info all about vinyl! We live in Athens, GA and actually have an awesome local shop, Wuxtry Records, that sells vinyl -- old and new. 20,000 records is amazing -- I would love to learn more about your collection! We have very similar tastes in music :)

  2. thinking about doing this for david for our anniversary. how did y'all decide on this brand? which one did you end up getting? thanks for the info, dear!

    1. I just e-mailed you all the info -- let me know if you have any other questions! We LOVE our record player, and highly recommend buying one!

  3. Don't get me started on vinyl! My husband finally got rid of much of his collection about 5 years ago. He sold several hundred albums to a friend who already had thousands! It was a wrench, but we were happy to clear the space. And, after all, they did go to a good home!


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