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December 5, 2011


Happy Monday! The weekend was great; my mom drove to Athens Friday night to go out to dinner with us and help me at my first craft show the next day. The show was so fun -- I think I'm addicted. I've never showed my work to a large group of people before, and everyone was so nice! One of my favorite moments ever is when a little girl wanted some of my cards so badly that she literally started throwing a temper tantrum in front of her father (wait for it)...and her slightly older brother came back around before leaving to use his allowance money to buy her some cards for Christmas. How adorable is that?

I hope you all had great weekends, too! Stay tuned for my newest gift guide...for the dudes...coming up this afternoon!


  1. What cute kids with great taste :)

  2. So glad the show went well. You should definitely check out the Indie Craft Experience Holiday show next year - it attracts hundreds (if not thousands) of people and it's a freakin' blast. Your stuff would go over very well there, I think!


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