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December 12, 2011

Trash to Treasure: $6 Advent Calendar

Over the summer on one of our many thrifting adventures, James and I found a wooden advent calendar on the shelves at Goodwill. The poor thing had seen better days, but the minute I saw it, I loved it and knew it had major potential. 

I've wanted an advent calendar for years, but the price tags I've seen on cute models at Target and Pottery Barn have never seemed appropriate. This advent tree actually looks very similar to one I had my eye on at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago (seen here) -- so imagine my delight when I found this little gem, just waiting for me to take him home for a makeover!

Like I said, the guy needed some TLC. After spending about 23 extra bones, I painted, cleaned and turned the above find into this:

Shopping list: 
White spray paint: $6
Gold spray paint: $6
Glossy finish spray paint: $6
Gold paint pen for numbers: $3
Gold glitter paint for the star: $2

Total (including the original piece) = $29

Now the pretty gold and white advent calendar sits on our buffet for all to see and enjoy. We donated the tiny ornaments it came with and placed small chocolates behind each door instead...because chocolate trumps all this time of year.

So, what about you guys? Do you all have an advent calendar or tradition you and your family participate in each Christmas?


  1. It looks great! I have a wood one from Target that is a green color I am not too fond of and have pondered re-painting. But I was scared to re-do the numbers. How did you get your numbers that way? A stencil?

    1. Just saw this comment this morning! The numbers should actually show through paint since they're likely sealed on the wood. At least that's what these numbers did. I simply wrote over them with my gold pen. This advice might come a little late in the year (!) but I figure I'd let you know how I did the numbers anyway. Maybe you'll makeover your advent calendar THIS Christmas season ;) xo