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December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

And just like that -- Christmas has come and gone! It never lasts long enough. This year the fam was all about new traditions. My parents and brother drove to Athens to stay with us for a few nights over the holiday, and we relaxed, made Christmas cookies, listened to our favorite Christmas record (a childhood fave of ours), watched Elf, and snacked way, way too much. James's mom and stepfather ate Christmas Eve dinner with us, and the candlelight Christmas Eve service was just lovely. The stain glass windows looked so pretty and Christmasy at night, gilded gold. (They are also quite pretty in the daytime). 

I stayed true to my Christmas breakfast menu (not pictured: egg nog muffins in lieu of the original French toast muffins, by request) -- the breakfast cups were de-lic-ious and so easy to make! James Santa brought me a vintage Scrabble set (I'm in love) and left James a Dexter kill shirt (that's not morbid or anything, right?) and plenty of Star Wars goodies, like this hoodie and this ice cube tray. Christmas dinner was perfect, and we had a crowd at the house -- my aunts and uncles, James's dad and stepmother and my grandmother -- not to mention two new furry friends: my parents' dog, Mollie, and Clint's girlfriend's dog, Chloe. We love our family and are so thankful almost everyone lives fairly close by so we can celebrate together for the holidays! We're two lucky ducks. 

I hope Santa was good to everyone else, too! Can you believe 2012 is around the corner?! It's really true -- the older you get, the faster the years fly by. Sometimes I just want to stop time and enjoy every moment just a little bit more...don't you?

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  1. Glad you had such a blessed Christmas, love the shout out to Chloe. Thanks for letting her be a part of your great family. Debbie


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